1. Getting Started

a. Files and Requirements

After your purchase, you can go to Downloads on your CodeCanyon account and download TMDb Pro. Thus, TMDb Pro is a WordPress plugin you need to have a WordPress powered website to use it. TMDb Pro is a flexible plugin, you can use it nearly every WordPress version (still, we are always recommending using the latest version) and nearly every theme, TMDb Pro will adapt itself.

When you download the .zip file, you will see 3 folders and 1 .zip file in it. 1 folder for documentation, 1 folder for unzipped plugin files, 1 folder for licensing and a .zip file which is ready to upload your website directly.

b. Installation

You can install TMDb Pro like every other WordPress plugin in 2 ways:

  1. Upload tmdb-pro folder directly to you plugins directory via an FTP manager.
  2. Upload file from Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin in your admin panel.

Choose the one that you are comfortable with.

After the installation, you need to go to your admin panel and update your TMDb API Key from Settings > TMDb Pro. If you do not update your TMDb API Key, you will not be able to use the plugin. Make sure that you entered a proper and valid API Key.

2. Usage

TMDb Pro is a shortcode plugin, you need to use its shortcodes for including movies or TV shows to your posts, pages, etc.

a. Basic Usage

See below for the basic usage of shortcodes:

  • For Movies: [tmdb_pro_movie id="{movie-id}"]
  • For TV Shows: [tmdb_pro_tv id="{tv-show-id}"]

Get {movie-id} and {tv-show-id} from The Movie Database.

b. Advanced Usage

TMDb Pro shortcodes has some other attributes too, you can see them, their default values and other defined values below.

  • poster yes | no
  • meta all | none | release | genre | duration | budget (multiple use is applicable when seperated by comma: ex. meta=”duration,genre”)
  • overview yes | no

You can see demo for example usages.

3. Languages

TMDb Pro has 6 languages as pre-tranlated and they are;

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese

And also it can be easily localized via using main language file tmdb-pro.pot that is under the folder languages.